Suzana manages to create a relaxed atmosphere, and at the same time a high level of concentration. She is a most joyful, energetic and inspiring teacher, giving full attention to each participant. Through singing and dancing she made us feel what the difference is between playing notes and making music.

Suzana also proved to be a perfect guide, showing us beautiful hidden spots in this marvellous part of Portugal. And she knows where to find the best fish I ever ate.

Koeno Sluyterman van Loo, 2015


Suzana is a great teacher. Full of energy and clear ideas. She opens your mind. The classes were not only useful at the highest level but also very pleasant.

The west part of the Algarve is a quiet and beautiful place. Nice and small beaches; open landscapes and great views of the Atlantic. The food, as always in Portugal, is fresh and simple; one of the pleasures of the area.

Antonio Albors, 2014


Good atmosphere, family and serious time in the work in accordance with each other with attentive, responsive and musical advice by Suzana who gave a wonderful concert in the beautiful church of Vila do Bispo.

Beautiful discovery of Algarve,  its tormented sea open to the New World, its refined landscapes, food fish rich and excellent.

Wonderful memories of music, scenery and clavichord …

Dominique Ferran, 2013


Intense playing, listening, comprehending the still somewhat unfamiliar works of early music, the way Suzana deals with each participant individual needs, great companionship, different air, different light, Luisa and Maria João’s fabulous hospitality,  seeing a small part of Portugal away from its touristic façade – a stunning mix!

Michael Dahlhoff, 2013


As an amateur with humble abilities in playing the clavichord, I felt perfectly integrated, because Suzana succeeded in teaching different levels of players.

The atmosphere within the group was very harmonious. We all enjoyed the friendly and typical Portuguese  flair of our accommodation.

Werner Funke, 2013